Making sustainability a smart choice for telecom infrastructures

Driving energy efficiency and inclusive sustainable connectivity

We transform the telecom infrastructures towards the de-carbonization of operations and support further green

Combining technical expertise with operational excellence

We support telecom actors to efficiently build and optimize their networks and prepare the ground for the deployment of
future communication technologies.

Committed to a logic of sustainable development

We believe that our mission goes beyond the technological field. Responsible business sustainability is the path towards creating shared value for our stakeholders, as well as for the planet and people.

Merging our international expertise to drive local growth

With headquarters in France, Camusat is present in Europe, Africa & Indian Ocean, Latin America, Middle East and Pacific.

40+ years of success story

Accelerating our own transition to a low carbon footprint

Innovate for tomorrow

A responsible supplier relationship development in our sustainable supply chain

Building our success on people individual wealth and shared values

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