Integrating the Know How

We rely on our expert supporting services to develop and consolidate the Camusat Group know-how and best practices in business operations, technology, finance, and ESG management to achieve customer satisfaction and operational excellence.


Our global finance transformation by fostering a strong financial culture through common referential and financial discipline assures a reliable health of our organization, supports strategic development decisions and guarantees cost efficient operations for customer satisfaction as final aim.

Risk and Compliance

Ensuring the continuity of our activities through risk analysis

All of the challenges encountered by the telecommunications sector expose our Group to risks that may impact its results and reputation.

Through the Enterprise Risk Management system, Camusat has defined a comprehensive risk management approach that is integrated into our corporate strategy and operations.
This approach has made possible the identification of the main risks our Group is facing in order to be able to ensure their management and mitigation, and ultimately to allow our sustainability. Our Group maps the risks related to corruption internally and at the subcontractor level, within the framework of the Sapin 2 law. The Support Group team performs on-site and remote training and assures assistance for our subsidiaries for the management of these critical areas for our business continuity and health.

HR ESG EHS & eLearning

Offering a comprehensive organizational structure, policy, and procedures, our HR CSR & ESG Support Group experts assure the ability of our Group to meet our business needs by supporting the development, satisfaction, and engagement of our most valuable asset – our employees.

They support our strong organizational culture by managing our talent and strategic people development program for our future leaders, conceiving training programs for our staff around the world through our dedicated e-learning platform, as well as carrying out the constant improvement of our occupational risk prevention and safety standards for all our employees.

Business & Operations Management

Building up on the expertise of our people, we developed an agile conduct approach in reaching performance in “opportunity to cash” management of our projects, as well as to build the pre- and after-sales experience for our customers. We focus on growing the value of our teams and jumping together to the next level of development of our Group with high alignment and autonomy in our local operations.

Our expert business operations team supports our subsidiaries boost their operational and technical competencies and accompany them in building customized comprehensive project solutions supporting customers to get the most out of their networks.

Quality Management

Flexibility, quality, and responsibility are the key principles leading us to provide quality in our work. Each project is unique and our priority is customer satisfaction. To meet our customers’ expectations, we fuse in our craft the highest industry standards and best practices of our industry and we calibrate our processes, methods, and processes to the frequency of outstanding performance.

Technology & Information Security

Innovation & Technology

Listening to our customers’ needs and blending in our large operational experience, our R&D team of experts transforms innovative concepts into effective solutions with strict testing policies and processes.

Digital transformation & Cyber security

Fully committed to operational efficiency, we embarked on board for digital transformation in our business practices, solutions, and project management. Our comprehensive security information cybersecurity concept effectively assists our business continuity processes reliability of critical data protection and entrusts us with our customers’ confidence.

International Supply Chain Management

Procurement & Logistics represent a major leverage of growth and of competitiveness for Camusat and its customers.

Our project management’s success also relies on the availability and efficiency of the necessary logistics. By developing our own web-based supply chain management system, we have a smooth and monitored global supply chain.

Based on business ethics, fair and non-discriminatory competition principles, and adhesion to our ESG commitments, the expert teams from our central Support Group build strong long-term relationships with key vendors to support our projects worldwide.

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