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Our culture & values

The Camusat Group values are present throughout its organization and shape its culture on a daily basis. They characterize all our employees around the world in their daily actions and are a source of wealth for all our stakeholders.


Innovation is the fruit of the meeting of our talents and collective know-how. The different skills of Camusat, due to the diversity of its professions, work in synergy, which makes it possible to create an innovative dynamic. Innovation is the key to Camusat's sustainable growth.


Reactivity is a necessity and a strength in the constantly evolving telecommunications market. The Camusat group has been able to implement an organization based on the capacity to promptly identify new ideas, make decisions, and implement them with the final aim to keep on meeting the expectations of its customers.


Diversity is the source of our success. We know nothing would be possible without diversity of know-how, cultures, and our employees' wealth. As part of our CSR commitments, it is also a factor in our group's social and economic performance. Equal treatment and sharing of cultures contribute to creating a corporate culture that is open, responsible, supportive, and promotes internal cohesion.

Why joining us

Our Human Resources Policy

At Camusat, we believe that our mission goes beyond the technological field. Because we believe in people, we care about and invest in them. This principle is the fundamental basis of Camusat HR policy, an integral part of our CSR social commitment.

We are indeed committed to promote health, success and well-being of our people through a continuous improvement effort to strengthen their protection and accident prevention; providing them opportunity to grow and develop themselves thanks to training and our Talents management program; and by promoting diversity and mobility within the Group.

Joining us means joining an international group:

Career development

We have a rigorous professional, fair and equitable recruitment procedure guaranteeing that we select people having the skills, knowledge, abilities, and aptitudes that are best suited to the positions in our organization.

The success of any of our new employees’ performance is based on

Students & Graduates

Camusat Group offers a wide range of opportunities, including internship training programs, for students and young graduates willing to grow in a fast-paced and multicultural environment. Our subsidiaries are in close partnerships with many local education institutions and volunteer to train the students on specific topics in our field of expertise as part of the pre-employment schooling programs.


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