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Solar + Batteries + GenSet + Grid

Leveraging the Group’s operational footprint reputation, capabilities and expertise in emerging markets, Aktivco pioneered the energy infrastructure approach and business models in the world of telecoms when signing the first ESCO contract in our industry in 2017.

With a total number of +6,600 sites under ESCO business model, Aktivco is today the leading player on the African market for energy asset management.

We are an essential partner for telecom operators with whom we work hand in hand for our common objective to decarbonize the telecom market to reach net zero operations.

How does it work?

Massive solarization with energy storage, boost the usage of grid and managing the priority usage of energy sources combined with the excellent operational expertise of our on-field crews enables Aktivco a compressive ESCO solution to secure +99% network availability on cost and energy efficiency basis, and to extensively reduce the CO2 emissions of telecom operations.

High flexibility of ESCO solutions

Extending the main scope with a wider range of on site services, Aktivo offers high flexibility of its ESCO solution, adding on extra operational benefits and enabling further network expansion and service coverage.


Self-consumption boost with solar plug-in

When the energy grid is mature and solar potential generous, Aktivco supports further telecom operators’ environmental commitments by offering alternative solutions to classical ESCO which enable improvement to the energy network performance using an innovative add-on mix of renewable resources to their infrastructure.

How does it work?

Through our Solar As a Service (SaaS) model, Aktivco finances, owns and manages the long-term optimization of energy consumption of telecom networks while boosting the self-consumption through solar plug-in to the existing energy infrastructure still owned by the customers.


Rural solutions & New tower infra

Capitalizing once again on the large know-how and operational expertise on tower site construction of its OpCo sister-division, Aktivco evolves its ESCO business models into a new and unique TWESCO solution to promote building access to sustainable technology through deployment of new tower & power infrastructure.

How does it work?

Our new Tower and Energy as a Service ( TWESCO ) business model responds to the need of telecom operators to improve the cost efficiency of their operations and to further expand their network in rural areas or economically disadvantaged regions.

Secured Aktivco investment

With secured Aktivco investment in a dedicated tower & power systems and guaranteed operational service on our side, MNO can reach their network coverage commitments and carbon-reduction targets.

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